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Services Summary


Data analysis support for external and internal auditors during busy seasons and development of analytics for continuous monitoring of audit risks.


Discreet data analysis support for forensic accountants during fraud investigations.


"Know Your Customer" (KYC) comparisons of your data with UK, EU and US watch lists. 


Independent data quality assessments.


In-house data cleansing during system upgrades.


One-off or ongoing Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) assignments to populate your databases.


Ad hoc reports and statistical analyses from your own data warehouse.


Expert user of Audit Command Language (ACL), SAP Direct Link and AnalyticsExchange.



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You know that the information you need is stored in your data warehouse. You want to extract it, or check it, summarise or slice and dice it, or find exceptional items and produce reports that make sense, but you don't have the time, and neither does your IT service provider.

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