Data Analysis Services
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Data analysis support for external and internal auditors during busy seasons.

We can provide additional resources when you need them to obtain transaction and master file details from your audit clients, check the quality and completeness of the extracted data, and then look for exceptional items or unusual concentrations of transaction values (Benford's Law), extract random or monetary unit samples using your specified criteria, create summaries by your specified categories, check internal calculations across the entire population.


Design, implementation and support of continuous monitoring applications.

Using Audit Command Language (ACL), its sister product AnalyticsExchange (AX) and, where appropriate, SAP Direct Link, we can set up, schedule and provide ongoing support for ACL analytics which will identify and report on a regular basis transactions which need closer investigation by your managers and/or internal auditors.  If you are already a casual ACL/AX user, extract much more from your investment using our expertise.


Discreet data analysis support for forensic accountants during fraud investigations.

We have assisted fraud investigators to: identify fraudulent transactions with values below the level requiring manager sign-off; prove copyright infringements whereby mailing lists have been copied for unauthorised use; find evidence of fraud in transaction histories and master file amendment logs.


"Know Your Customers" comparisons of your own data with UK, EU and US watch lists.

Do you know who your customers are?  Are you fulfilling your legal obligations in this respect?  We can compare your customer file or mailing list names and addresses, using advanced fuzzy matching techniques, with details held in H.M. Treasury's Financial Sanctions list, the EU's Consolidated Financial Sanctions list and the US Treasury's Specially Designated Nationals list.  We can also construct your own watch list using data provided by you, or downloaded from websites containing other publicly available lists.


Independent data quality assessments.

Are you sure your mail shots are getting to the right address, or indeed any address?  Are you wasting money sending the same person several copies of the same thing?  Are you concerned about the accuracy of your data?  We can discuss your concerns with you, and identify a set of quality checks that we can apply to your entire data population, e.g. comparison of addresses with the Royal Mail Postal Address File.  We can identify records to be removed or corrected, and help you do the corrections.


In-house data cleansing during system upgrades.

Likewise, if you are transferring data from an old system to a new one, we can check the integrity of the data being transferred and correct it where necessary.  We can also translate codes automatically, if the new system uses different code values from the old and you can supply us with a set of translation rules.


One-off or ongoing Extract/Transform/Load (ETL) assignments to populate your databases. 

If you acquire data from a 3rd party, or wish to load publically available data from 3rd party websites into your database, we can extract the data from its source, check its integrity if necessary, transform it into the format required by your system and finally help you load it.  We can do any or all of these ETL steps once, or as often as you wish.


Ad hoc management reports and statistical analyses from your own data warehouse.

Your IT department is too busy to give you the reports you need when you want them.  Why wait?  Armed with a description of your database and given appropriate read-only access, we can extract those reports for you, either as a one-off exercise, or we'll use whatever standards your IT department has in place to set the reports up in a regular production run.


The foregoing is not exclusive.  Discuss what you want to do with us, and we'll tell you how we can help.

Use your time to do what you do best. Use us to do what we do best.